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Visual Artist

Powwah is also a dynamic visual artist which takes us to his next found love with a tattoo gun. Mastering his own technixs with special inks & pictorial visions, he can conjure up a masterpiece to custom fix any traits in one's personality.

"Powwaht" BORN: Scorpio, a water sign "Power is the ability to define phenomena and have it behave in a desired manner," said Dr Huey P. Newton. POWWAH adopted this saying very young in life. A philosophy genetically passed down to him from his parents. Experiencing life between Los Angeles ,California & Memphis, Tennessee.

POWWAH bore witness to a southern life complete with extreme racism, mis-education, self- hatred, as well as the most articulated, thoughtful, considerate, tolerate, family oriented way of life the south could offer. Take and mix that with the radical, up in your face, high speed, politically charged atmosphere of LA.... It was the birth of POWWAH. POWWAH was introduced to poetry by his father. Exposing him to the likes of The Legendary THE LAST POETS, Gill Scott-Heron, Nina Simone, as well as countless others. He cultivated himself in his African culture, leading him to study and immerse totally in liberation for his people, expressed in his writings and everyday existence.

"Powwah Da Poet"

Powwah is obviously a man of many hats. A Phenomenal Poet by gift, were he spits hot fire of lyrical fortitude & real life facts. His poetry reflects the most common scenarios from the black perspective. Through his pieces, he wants to eradicate the mental bondage that has plagued his people since they were stolen from their homeland.

Powwah has performed at countless colleges & toured on the "Finding our folks Tour," after Hurricane Katrina. The Afrikan Village" in St. Louis, Mo., The Betty Shabazz International Charter School in Chicago, Ill., & The National Theatre in Accra, Ghana.

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Pick Up Powwah's Revolutionary Album entitled "In Tha Wind" @ Nappi By Nature Hair Company

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Watch Powwah's latest videos: and Watch Powwah performance at Melrose High School, as he performs as Huey P. Newton of The Black Panther Party 

Listen to number 2 of the tracks on Powwah's new album here on a youtube link courtesy of the producer of this track, Tay DiggaHertZ.

"Powwah Da Barber"

Powwah is one the fyest barbers, with about 15 years in precise hair cutting & design experience. He has cut a vast of celebrities during his career, especially when he resided in Los Angeles. People like Grant Hill, Theo Ratliff, & Chucky just to name a few. But, he really takes pride in his local crew that holds him down in Memphis, Tn. So for clean cut trims for men & boys, razor or clippers, loc linings, at non - head busting prices, come see the man of the hour, "Powwah."

Are you a woman going natural and need the relaxer cut of your newly growing hair and you don't want to look masculine when it's a over? Powwah got you!

Powwahline Clothing Company

Powwah has a eye for fashion & over stands the power of representation. When a person is interested in good clothing, they should gravitate toward quality, style, & enhancement. PowwahLine Clothing Company (est. 2004) represents all of this.

Through Powwah's visual creativity & loyalty to his Afrikan kulture, his was gifted in clothing design & visual art form. His shirts have been worn by world - renouned artists, "The Last Poets." He also does custom graffiti hats, jackets, & jeans. Come by @ 1247 Southbrook Mall, Memphis, TN. 38116, to see the whole Powwahline Collection.

*For t-shirt bulk orders for family reunions, events & more.....Call us at (901) 652-5619

Revolutionary Interior Design Company

"Let us transform your home into a revolutionary masterpiece."

Powwah has taken his art ability to the next level. He can give your home or business that afrikan spice with his Afrocentric artwork & mixture of feel good colors. This can also give you a greater feeling coming home after a hard days work, to a place of refuge that reminds you of your people & your heritage. Just let him know your ideas & He can make it happen. Those that don't have any ideas of what to do, Powwah can go into your home or business & free style your walls into a visual masterpiece. His artistic creativity is the core of our company's atmosphere. Just come into Nappi By Nature, to see his signature throughout the facility. Whatever is your flava, Powwah can get it done. Call or come by for a consultation.