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"We Got The Whole City On Loc!"


In her artistic prime, Phu'Cha's creative momentum has hit the ground running. Her sexy flow with her raspy southern twang, has birthed another signature voice that can be distinctly picked out by music lovers. Singing since she was a toddler, this Sagittarius, seventy's baby, always had a genuine love for music. That era created timeless music that inspired her like The Isley Brothers, The O'Jays, Jeffrey Osborne, Commodores, Barry White and many more. Add a hint of Billie Holiday, Minnie Riperton, or Gladys Knight, you have formulated a neo soul, funky, but sultry movement with Phu'Cha's name written all over it.

A Memphis native, Phu'Cha recognizes that the demand for her is now ready to take her to other places. Singing on countless stages locally and internationally all the way to Ghana, Africa, has embraced many anticipating her new project.

"On Everythang I Love." This collection of real life depictions, is centered on love, life, and relationship experiences that Phu'Cha's style and creative writing abilities demanded her undivided attention. By anyone's observation, they would agree that "Love" is a very touchy subject, and "Life" is what it is, and "Relationships" are so uncertain, that any good sound advice is worth the exposure. So that is what Phu'Cha's new album "On Everythang I Love" provides for the listener whether male or female.

"I want people to be able to say they not only overstand me, but that they have been there too. That's why I connect with her music because it’s not only makes me feel good, it gives me comfort when I feel like I’m the only one going through. (Phu'Cha)

Her refreshing lyrics over hypnotizing bass lines and ear piercing jazzy guitar licks, topped with her southern choice of raspy filled tones, has made those that have witnessed her live and in color, anticipate the experience of this new project. Singing her own backgrounds throughout this masterpiece, shows her various vocal abilities. Her build up and drive straight to the nitty gritty songwriting, is deep like the

 atlantic ocean, leaving you deep in thought and emotionally fulfilled.

Starting with "Shine" which is a enticing and stimulating number about seizing the right time and place with him, showing that it's acceptable to be submissive to follow all of his bedroom commands. When a woman is able to give Sun or Son his "Shine," She is more than confident of her feminine capabilities. On the otherhand, Phu'Cha takes the driver's seat in her exploding hit "Enjoy the Ride", metaphorically driving a vehicle, but on a seductive ride to ectasy. 

This sexy piece was written by her Master Producer J Dav and co-written by Phu’Cha, in order to capture the listener’s craving for intimacy.

Phu'Cha's personality has been described as resilient, overpowering and straight forward because she is not afraid to stand ten toes down in the face of opposition. "I think my zodiac sign, sagittarius, has alot to do with this because I can't be fake with anyone, which sometimes is misinterpreted. But, It balances me out and give those that want it raw as to get a handle on things pretty quickly, appreciates that characteristic in me. But I really believe the best part of me is always uplifting and inspiring people to exalt their best and not only talk about it, but be about it." (Phu'Cha)

"Can't Let Yourself Go," would be appropriate to mention next from the new album "On Everythang I Love." This was a brilliant way Phu'Cha approached women about taking their husbands for granted, once the "I Do's" are recited, uniquely induced with a Billie Holiday'ish, jazzy, swinging drum fetish. She is really being a musical vessel for men, verbalizing all the things they would like to say, but were afraid to do so or just plain didn't know how. "Just play this song and go out the room," Phu'Cha exclaimed.

"I Believe it is important to always do a self check on Life's journey because their are so many things always feeding off your energy, positively and negatively. You want to make sure you are healing yourself consistently, no matter what life's scars you suffer from." (Phu'Cha)

That's why "A Healthy Love" was created by this beautiful, intriguing idealist. She expresses will power, self-love, and dignity in this song. The lyrics are so attractive and powerful, especially in terms of a woman meeting a possible mate, but rejects him simply because she knows that she's an emotional grenade and not in the condition to date a frog, because she could blow up at this crossroad. But if they meet each other again, she's confident that she will have had time to heal herself, acquiring something healthy to offer him the second time around.

"I think to be led in the right direction by the Creator/ Creatress, and By the Ancestors protection, you can go leaps and bounds with no borders. And the height of that for me in life, is being loved and appreciated by my husband, children, family by my Mother and other Mothers, friends, and most of all, myself!" (Phu'Cha)

Can't Let Yo'self Go

From the new album "On Everythang I Love"

Enjoy the Ride

From the new album "On Everythang I Love"

Lips, Legs, & Hips

From the new album "On Everythang I Love"

On Everythang I Love

From the new album "On Everythang I Love"

S.H.I.T. Sugah Honey Iced Tea

From the new album "On Everythang I Love"


From the new album "On Everythang I Love"


From the new album "On Everythang I Love"

I Will Cut You (The Complete Song)

From the new album "On Everythang I Love"

*Sugah, Honey, Iced Tea" is another metaphoric slammer describing the tantalizing satifaction for a great man, who is every woman's dream, compared to a iced-cold, sweet tea with a pinch of honey, in any Mudea's refrigerator. This is truly the icing on the cake in a wholesome relationship. There's a catch in this song, too, that will be left up to the listener to figure out.

Phu'Cha's first album "Nappi Hair Soul Sessions",is a dynamic masterpiece full of culture and real life experiences from an Afrikan point of view. With songs entitled, "Rise Up, Almighty Ancestars, My Afrikan Self, Nappi Hair are soul-fulfilling and calls for humility and pride in one's self and one's race. "Kulture Bandits, Back From You, Money, and Insane," are poetic notions that dissects inhumane activity in our society. Tribute 2 Bob Marley, Malcolm X, P.O.W.'s, Red, Black, and Green, and When the revolution Comes, are all Salutations to the strongest of the fittest of our people past and present. "Vent My Frustrations, Recogneyes, and Insane," are outlets for concerns 

dealing with things that go on inside the brain, and encouraging people to think for themselves and research on your own. Last but not least, "Block Partay" reminds us of the great times we have when we come together as a people. So, don't sleep on "Nappi Hair Soul Sessions", because you are sure to be missing out on a treat.
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