Nappi By Nature Hair Company

"We Got The Whole City On Loc!"

GoWe have grown!

Thanks to the many dedicated and loyal "Loc Star" Clients of our company. Nappi By Nature is a one of a kind place that fell into place when the mass of people considered it taboo to love "Nappi Hair." We went outside the box to provide "nappi hair lovers" a place where they would be praised and admired for their strength and perserverance in embracing that witch is naturally gifted in beauty and uniqueness. "Nappi Hair."

@The Southbrook Mall

Nappi By Nature Hair Co.

1247 Southbrook Mall

Memphis, TN 38116

(901) 292 -5263 or (901) 229- 8104 or (901) 206-9401

General Manager: Baby Basha and Aza Basha

We have the best prices in town and the best service.

"We have loc'd thousands since 2000!" So what you waiting on?

Hours of Operation:

Tues- Thurs.. 10:30am - 6:00pm Fridays & Saturdays open at 9:30am til 5:00pm.

Walk-ins welcomed and appreciated.

No Appointments!!!! Works out for everybody!

Due to our full staff, no one will be overlooked. Our services are prompt and speedy. "We can loc up anyone with "nappi hair" and at least 3 months of new growth." We have a great track record and stand by our walking testamonies. Our Clients!

No more 8 hour shifts at nonchalant salons!

Just great care for Nappi Hair!

We are located on the front east side of the mall near Kroger next door to Suits U.

See You there!

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