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"We Got The Whole City On Loc!"

Holla BlaK! The OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO featuring Ceaze Fire, Phu'Cha & Powwah! Released 4/8/2011.

Eseti Seti by Holla BlaK (Official Video)

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Holla BLAK


Holla BLAK is a Ghana based combination of Afrikans from the western world & the motherland. Spearheaded by Ceaze Fire & Powwah with a handshake at the break of the new year back in 2007, Holla Blak has hit the music scene driving fast in a full throttle for Real Hip Hop to emerge. Their up & coming album "Emerge-N-See," is a call to action of responsible hip hop artists to return to the flavour of what real hip hop was all about from it's birth, and also building the bridge between artists from the diaspora and Africa.

"Hip Hop was about life and real situations along with ways to solve problems through beats & rhymes," says Phu'Cha. " A natural elixir to the ears during frustrating times."

Their new single"Eseti Seti," just released in Ghana this passed January, 2K11, has grown to be Ghana's highly favored song of the new year. In full rotation by some of Ghana's hottest DJ's, alerting all of it's full potential, and reflects the group’s ability to move forward fast.

Singing from a very young age, a beautiful afrikan soul singer, Phu'Cha, melts into the Holla Blak's sweet butter, stabilizing the testosterone bread of the clan. This musical verbalizer is not at all threatened by her male counterparts because of her demanding sultry, vocal ability & attractiveness. Pushing from her junior solo project, “On Everythang I Love,” Phu’Cha perseveres in her super stardom abilities to write and produce, singing her own backgrounds, plus her sheik, raspy southern twang, has birthed another signature voice that can be distinctly picked out by music lovers.This album has been critically analyzed by many of her constituents, giving her all the thumbs up she needs to push her in the driver’s seat of all categories of a soul, hip hop, jazz, r&b, and even reggae genres.

The three males of the quad, Ceaze Fire, Powwah, & King Major, are all MC's who blaze the stage at any given opportunity.

Ceaze Fire originally from Volta, residing in his hometown Agona, Swedro, considers himself to be a farmer by trade, but a clear cut, rapper for life since 2000. Educating himself on real afrikan culture and realities of life, deeply rooted him into consciousness in his lyrical content. Raising the bar from the ordinary rhetorical poison, that seems to be popular worldwide, he vowed to never portray that image demoralizing the spirit of real hip hop. His music comes in a new form called "Fire Pop" RAP meaning Real Afrikan Power, music. "I am Inspiring Afrikans to develop a culture of unity, living according to the laws and principles of Africa," says Ceaze Fire. His solo project self entitled, is soon to be released in August of 2K11, features Holla Blak, Sha Sha Marley, Legazee, and more. He has a unique presence to offer the hip hop scene, which have been confirmed by his many admirers.

Power is the ability to define phenomena and have it act in a desired manner.-Dr .Huey P. Newton

The phenom of our modern era is hip hop/rap music ,and the desired manner in which this art form should be expressed is telling the stories of every day people .Their triumphs , tragedies, culture, creativity, and a clear view of their future. In a time when musical value is found in murder ,degradation of women , extreme capitalism , and decadence of all sorts ,emerges one emcee/activist, of the people , for the people, by the people, POWWAH. This L.A./Memphis native has forged his own genesis in the rap world. He has the Potential of 10 MCs , and a voice that hypnotizes the most distracted. He is electrifying, especially when his metal snake is powered on. And he can free style like a swan, on any body of beats. You can tell he has been at it for some time,considering his lyrical content is knowledge filled. Powwah says "You can always expect my best in my art form and look forward to much more, because I won't stop!"

The Super Hot Boy Hype Man, King Major is last but not least. The forth member of Holla Blak, is very easy on the eyes, and has his own swag. This youth, brings charisma, style, and creative movement to the clan. He can dance you to your feet after only a moment. "I will be the legacy of the group for the next generation," Says King Major. Not only can he dance and hype the crowd, he can flow and carry a note. He brings the icing on the cake for Holla Blak, completing this uncompromising talented formula. A college student majoring in aircraft mechanics in the states, King major hopes to soon be an asset in both professional and music worlds, in Africa. The sky is just the beginning, and he plans to surpass his co members and that makes the Holla Blak squad proud. Many considers him as an investment in the group's future, because he is actually the son of the husband and wife team, co members, Phu'Cha & Powwah. But he holds his own when a stage is at his grasp.

Enough of the surprises and the wow factors, because this group has so much to offer musically to their home team, Ghana, West Africa, were they have settled to claim their roots.So,with all of that and some more being said, Give it up for Holla BLAK!