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Community Service

Everyone has a common purpose in life. Unfortunately some people die before they really understand what that purpose is. The Honorable Marcus Garvey teaches us that it is only natural for black people to care for the welfare of black people. Every other race including Europeans, Hispanics, Asians, etc, knows this and executes this in their traditional customs. Here at Nappi By Nature, we believe that this is one of our duties as blacks living in this ram of life, to take race resposibility & stimulate others to do the same. That's why we have created avenues to make sure that all of those who come in contact with our company, gets a chance to fulfill this

duty and make a positive change in someone's life. Our staff along with NBN "Loc Stars," and other constituents, have joined together & are truly committed to the following programs.

The Feed the People(FTP)Program

1298 SouthlandMall

Memphis, Tennessee 38116

(901) 229-8104

This program was founded by the Nappi By Nature founders in November of 2000. It was on a Thanksgiving Eve, Phu'Cha had just cooked a 15 course meal with all type of deserts. Suddenly, the thought came to her mind that while everyone is stuffing their bellies feeling full of food & holiday cheers, there are others who are not so fortunate. So after discussing it with her husband, 

they decided to load up all of the food in the trunk of their car. They also grabbed their children who were youngsters at the time, and proceeded to the downtown area of the city. Settling at the KFC lot at the corner of Danny Thomas & Poplar, The family took all they had and fed up to seventy- five people that day, and the rest is history.

Every since, The NBN family has been feeding the people every other Sunday & all major holidays at the corner of Poplar & High Street. The FTP program is a grass roots program with genuine people who just care about people that need them. "We hope to be that extra boost for our people to keep going through the hard times & encourage them to never give up," says Phu'Cha. The FTP Program provides the less fortunate people in our community a "for sure meal" that will be good and tasty just like Grandma made it. This is not a complicated effort. People just agree to show up with a dish or two of their chose. When the clock strikes twelve noon, many of the organizers head out to their exclusive spot at the corner of Poplar & High Street, located next to the Union Mission. "Their are so many stipulations for our people who attend the mission just to get fed. But under our program, we are not soliciting or endorsing anything. It's strictly a great hot meal with no strings attached," says Phu'Cha. This Program has sprang other programs in which the NBN staff holds dear to them and just feel like the right thing to do. "We have our committed family that always participates & we also have those that just come. Whatever the case, we appreciate everyone's resilience & efforts," Says Powwah.

We want to thank Brothas Keepa, Grandma, Dricka, the Montsho Family, the Akebulan Family, The NBN Loc Stars & Uhuru Family with a host of others for their support of this program.

Other Programs

Clothes for the Needy - Donate clothes, shoes, & coats that you no longer wear. We distribute them on our FTP days.

Coats for Children - Although America does not recognize its children on the street, we feed & cloth them too. Bring your coats by at anytime and warm up our babies on the street,

BoomBox for Teens Mentoring Program - Every summer, we open our facility to the youth & mentor them.

Prison Volunteer Events - Phu'Cha & Powwah organize with others to do live concerts in Mark Luttrell Womens Federal Prison

Prison Prevention Program - The NBN founders joined forces with the founders of the Prison Prevention Program, Brothas Keepa, going into the prison, to show that prison life is not the glamorous life that is portrayed in the media.

Founder of "That's My Piece for Peace in Martin Luther King Park in 2005. Also coordinated the South Memphis "Stop the Violence Block Party" in 2006.

*Please all clothes, shoes, coats, hygiene products to: Nappi By Nature or we will come and pick it up. Monetary donations are accepted, too.

Disclaimer: The Feed the People(FTP) Program is not affiliated with any religious, a political or political groups, organizations, churches, or other associations. These are just genuine people dedicated to making constructive actions in the community.