Nappi By Nature Hair Company

"We Got The Whole City On Loc!"

"Switch from a Chemical cutie to your natural beauty."

The society that we live in, puts tremendous pressure in the black community more so than any other race of people. This has caused great insecurities in the eye of the beholder to a lack of self- esteem, or self-love. Our jobs, churches, schools, etc. have policies for appearance that stand firmly against natural hair including locs, fros, facial hair & anything that represent black. Why? Probably because when a person has knowledge of self, or finds beauty in themselves without any superficial assistance, it empowers one's mind and makes them feel a sense of freedom and control in life.

That's why at Nappi By Nature, we specialize in natural health & beauty. We believe that natural "nappi" hair is not only healthy, it's beautiful. If you are chemical - free, or want to transfer from chemicals to a natural approach, who should have the power to stand in your way? No one. Self expression is suppose to be the right of everyone. It's time to break barriers and reach higher.

From Chemical to natural.

Once a client comes in to our facility, they are greeted by our staff and given a free consultation. Suppose a client is thinking about letting her relaxer grow out. We may recommend a straw set for the next three months, or even some braid styles. After that time period, come and see us. At that time, we will trim the relaxed hair completely down to the new growth. The remaining hair is now virgin or chemical free hair, and the loc'n process can be started.

The client is draped, then a good shampoo and deep conditioner is applied. All clients starting the loc'n process, initially begin with the comb twist.

This process is for uniform partings, professional and attractive designing, and also assures all the locs are the same size.

The loc'n process is an exclusive process created by Phu'Cha through trial and error in her years of expertise. It is a unique technique. A particular style may be done to assist in the loc procedure. Styles like budding down, love knots, or braiding locs during the first phase is necessary. Every clients' hair is different. Therefore, a definite loc up time can not be established at any point. Some clients hair loc up quickly when others take up to a year or so. You never have to cut natural hair to start locs no matter the length. We do charge by the length.

Once the hair is twisted, the client is put under the dryer until the hair is completely dry. It is sprayed with a hair & scalp oil for moisture & shine. The client is advised on care at home. That care includes tying the hair up during pleasure time or bedtime, and also the client should spray the hair daily with our hair oil that is recommended by the loc technician.

Finally, the client is given a recommendation to come back in 3 weeks for a follow up procedure.

*Please note: Nappi By Nature services & procedures are administered differently from others. Twisting hair while wet is a procedure that causes breakage and is not a practice of our company. We use the best products that are familiar to us and we drive for customer satisfaction.