Nappi By Nature Hair Company

"We Got The Whole City On Loc!"

What is a Nappi By Nature Experience?

Nappi By Nature provides you with an unforgettable feeling of fulfillment & satisfaction in different facets. We specialize in natural traditional locs, minus tools, crochet needles, etc.

Our clients are referred to as "Loc Stars," a phrase coined by Phu'Cha. You can expect expedient service, especially no long waits. We love walk-ins & work with our "Loc Stars" work schedules, as well as individual needs. We don't trip on appts because we know the world is totally hustle and bustle, so we just want to make your visit a top notch experience.

Experience the best "Loc Styles" hands down by our fully trained staff, managed by Phu'Cha's twenty plus years of expertise in the hair & beauty industry.

When you enter the NBN facility, the stimulating colors inspire feelings of happiness, comfortability, & amazement.

We appreciate our referrals by our NBN"Loc Stars," which provides us with entrepreneurship security. We love our clients and no job is too big or small for Nappi By Nature.

You are greeted by one of our NBN smiling staff members, ready to serve you.

You are then taken back into our NBN service area, where your super maintenance treatments explodes. Usually a visit last up to 2-4 hours, and that's on very busy days.

Retwist Maintenance

First things first. Sanitation is very important. The client is draped, and a thorough hair & scalp consultation is done at no charge. If there are no severe scalp irritations visible, an invigorating shampoo is administered. Using our own 100% all natural "Squirtablez Invigorating Shampoo," total cleanse of the hair and scalp is remedied. This includes our "Super Fresh" Hair Cleanser, an intensive astringent for the hair and scalp.Then, a our specially formulated moisturizer, "Oil Infused Icing" is applied to replace natural moisture that were stripped from the scalp & hair during the shampoo procedure.

If the clients seem to have trouble with dry scalp, a hot oil treatment is done, using our "Shot oil," a special product that we have created. This sits for 15 mins, then is rinsed out.The client's hair is towel blotted dry and our "Oil Infused Icing" is distributed evenly throughout the scalp. The "Loc Star" is then placed under the hair dryer until the hair is completely dry.

Please note: It is best to retwist a client after the drying process because the hair is at its weakest point when it is wet. This causes major breakage if twisted, pulled, or extensive snatching occurs. If patches of hair is noticeable, this could be the problem. Never allow retwisting wet for these reasons.

Next, the NBN client is twisted with our twisting butter. Please note: We do not use loc & twists gel, jamaica lime, or other gimicky type of products & especially bees wax. So do not ask.These products cause gook, clunks of dirt and particles in the hair follicles, & a nasty build up. This causes a stunt in hair growth & even cause dandruff & other scalp irritations. This can even cause aloepecia (hair loss). You should never ask someone to use a product that is unfamiliar to them. It also will put the company in danger of frivolous lawsuits.

Finally, if your hair is at the desired length, and approved by the NBN specialist, a beautiful style is applied.

Please note: Some styles are applied as to assist in the loc'n process. Love knots, budding down, and some braid styles serves this purpose. This procedure is not left to the clients discretion. It is strictly the NBN Loc Specialist's professional call. (see the picture on the left.)

After the service is completed, we equip you with instruction for in between visits and encourage you to be back in 3 

weeks for maintenance, and wait for a signature smile meaning a job well done. 

You can also purchase our "Root Shootah" Oil Spray for moisture and shine daily, as much as needed.

Icing on the Cake of your NBN experience.

During a NBN visit, you best believe you will see an interesting documentary of black history, political correctness, or just plain ole' right knowledge, which was purposely left out of the school books that we have read.

It is the goal of NBN, to stimulate critical thinking in our clients. This enables he/she to use critical analysis in all aspects of life, which evokes good decision making & supports afrikan centered thinking for Afrikan people. "Liberate your mind, and the rest will follow."

Nappi By Nature!

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