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"We Got The Whole City On Loc!"

The All New.............................

Supa Naturaws Hair & Body OrganixX

"Pure sustenance for Natural Hair & Body."

*Contains all natural, and no- lye ingredients*

A Revolutionary creation highly anticipated by Loctologist/ Instructor "Phu'Cha," with over 20 years of experience in the hair industry, Supa Naturaws is said to be the final answer to any and all natural hair problems or concerns for people of African descent. Two of the main ingredients Black Soap and Shea Butter, thrust into these Motherland's concoction, made of the rawest and highest quality ballistics directly from the African Continent on the West Coast, that's home for people of Afrikan descendants, seals a kiss everytime applied, because of nature's care that went into the biological makeup.

"I've always dreamed of having my own essentials that would propagate healthy hair by providing pure sustenence no matter how it enters the skin. " Supa Naturaws Hair & Body OrganixX is I believe to be the answer to my dreams.Therfore, it cannot contain cancer causing agents that destroy the natural cycle of healthy natural hair," says Phu'Cha.

Knowing so many products claim to be natural and chemical free, they seem to have one decieving factor once the product is researched; The dissapointing realization of the researched product containing some small or large amounts of lye, also known as sodium hydroxide, which is a very caustic and dangerous chemical which has damaged so many scalps, that the numbers are astronomical. Because of these carefully tried and picked ingredients, "Supa Naturaws" is believed to reverse some serious scalp conditions, rejuvenate new cells and skin, and even heal skin ailments, and still provide the shine and sheen so many people desire. The key to this product working for the consumer is consistent use of course and proper application by following the directions. So when a patron chooses "Supa Naturaws" Hair & Body OrganixX, you can rest assure that no degrading short cuts are taken during the creation process .These are the motivating factors behind "Supa Naturaws."

"Being an entrepreneur for so many years, and always striving for elevation in all facets of my life, increasing prosperity is always a desire but not the only reason for doing this. Caring for my clients whole heartedly through natural hair care, is the least I can do for their dedication in purchasing my goods and services and not even to mention how it inspires me to take things to the next level. Supa Naturaws has given me the motivation into the next gear of a legacy that's long overdue, but right on time.

Check out the pictures below of our kick off of our 100% all natural products,"Supa Naturaws" Hair and Body OrganixX, from The Naturals In The City Hair & Wellness Expo, June 28, 2012. We are excited to say that we sold out of certain products, and our patrons gave us great feedback. Our "Supa Naturaws" Representatives Magan And Ayanna showed up and sold out! 

Here is what

"Supa NaturawsHair & Body OrganixX" will contain within the line up.

"Root Shootah" Oil Spray

Tangerine & Peppermint & lemongrass & grapefruit and more

"Oil Infused Icing" Moisturizer

"Squirtablez Invigorating Shampoo"

-Lemongrass & Eucalyptus, Peppermint

"Shot Oil" So Hot Oil Treatment

" Body Whip" Skin softener & enhancer


"Super Fresh" Hair Cleanser

" Aloe- G" Twisting & Styling Gel

" Power Fist" Grab & Twist Gob

"Gotdandruff Healing Treatment"

and more to come soon......